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What is Reiki?

‘Reiki’ is the Japanese word for ‘universal energy.’ Reiki is a natural healing technique, which is believed to awaken the body’s natural healing processes. This can help to improve mental and physical wellbeing by channelling natural healing energy which flows through all living things.

It is a non-evasive hands on/off treatment carried out in a lying down or seated position. The hands are placed in a series of positions on the body allowing the natural healing energy to flow.

Reiki has many benefits such as:
 Reduce the stresses and anxiety of daily life by providing an opportunity for deep relaxation,
calm and sense of peace
 Restore natural balance to the mind, emotions and spirit
 Release the body of toxins and support the immune system
 Release negative energy blockages
 Boost energy levels and promote sleep

Sessions can vary between 30 minutes to one hour dependent on client's needs and wishes. 

Reiki Treatment
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Reiki Healing

Restoring Life's Balance

Sessions can vary in duration from 30 minutes to an hour dependent on client's wishes.

Distance Healing

No Matter Where You Are

Reiki Distance Healing is provided at a set time agreed between practitioner and client. No distance is too far as the reiki energy continues to flow. For example, I have clients in the USA and Australia who receive sessions and feel the benefits.
The experience is no different than if you were receiving a hand’s on reiki session in person. You may experience colours, tingling, changes in body temperature as well as deep relaxation, calm and peace. Most clients tend to fall asleep during the sessions.
It is important to find quiet time to receive reiki distance healing ensuring you are comfortably sat in a  chair or laying down. You should feel open minded about the experience. With each reiki session comes a different experience. Relax and enjoy!

Reiki Crystal Therapy & Crystal Grids

Feel the Energy

Reiki Crystal Therapy and Crystal Grids are a combined treatment.
Drawing on the amazing crystal energies to help bring balance and  aid the body’s natural ability to heal. 
Crystals are placed on and around the body. The healing effects of crystal properties can be enhanced when combined with reiki energy to treat conditions. These can also be used to balance  mind, body and emotions promoting a state of deep relaxation. Improving mental health and well-being. Working with the body’s 7 energy centres known as Chakras to  clear any blockages so energies can flow freely. I am an advocate of working with crystals  and the benefits of using these precious stones in  holistic complementary therapy.

Guided Relaxation Meditation – 30 mins

Focus. Breathe. Relax.

One – to – One guided mediation is now available to help reduce stress.
A safe peaceful space is created  as you are gently guided through meditation. If your mind tends to wander this method will keep you focused. This is a stress relieving practice allowing you to let go, by listening to voice instruction  we focus on breath, physical sensations, and sound to train the mind
The meditation can bring  clarity of mind, calm, promote relaxation and sleep.

Client Reviews

Services: Testimonials

'I am glad I started Reiki sessions with Justine, she is an amazing Reiki practioner. I feel comfortable and at ease, especially with having anxiety. Justine makes me feel calm'.


Distance Healing provided upon request. Please contact mobile: 07923 160807  or email: 

*Note - New location in 2022  and service update coming soon

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